BY Julie Sherman | Monday, June 03, 2013

Historic Newton

It feels appropriate to work on designs for Historic Newton in the attic of an 1874 Newton home. We are both proud members of Historic Newton and their longtime design partners. We began working together before the Studio moved to Newton... when the idea of running this business in an old home in the Highlands was just a dream. We now proudly display our oval 1874 Historic Newton sign near the front door as we work under the Mansard roofline of this old home.   

We love working with Historic Newton to create materials that showcase the town's history in a way that is fresh and far from stodgy. We have worked hard over the years to transform their visual identity to reflect the energy, vibrance, and relevance of their work. Our goal is always to create work that is proud of Newton's history but still fresh and current. They are not old or dusty and their materials reflect that. 

Enjoy a few samples of recent design projects for Historic Newton and check them out online to learn more about their programs and events. The projects below include type treatments for one of their new membership groups, an invitation, a membership brochure, and two beautiful bookmarks that were included in membership mailings. 

And stay tuned... we have a new project in the works with Historic Newton that we can't wait to share soon!  

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