BY Julie Sherman | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for being a part of J Sherman Studio. Whether you are a client, partner, friend, family member, or fan, we are so grateful to have you in our world. In honor of Thanksgiving we wanted to share a few things we are particularly thankful for this year:

thankful we work with you
We feel so lucky to work with so many smart clients and organizations who are doing meaningful work and who trust us to be their design partners. We love the diversity and range our clients represent: from sector to sector, from small to large, and from coast to coast. You inspire us, challenge us, and frequently entertain us. Without you, we don't know what we'd do every day!

thankful for the work we do
We deeply appreciate that we get to do work that we love every day. Who would have thought that you can get paid to play with colors and fonts!? It is a beautiful thing. We love the independence of being a small business and we enjoy the frequent opportunities to try new things: new color combinations, new font packages, and new mediums to design for. 

thankful for each other
Coming to work every day is a pleasure because we genuinely like each other. We enjoy each other’s company and appreciate our differences. We work collaboratively on nearly everything and are very good at unsticking each other when the creative solution is hard to find. Jenny has an amazing ability to cut through the clutter and create clarity, and in turn she keeps Julie calm. Tina delights us with her random knowledge of obscure facts, her constantly changing hair color, and playful wardrobe. Amy brings fresh perspective, new insights, and much needed balance (perhaps that comes from her extensive Pilates experience). Julie is the glue that binds us together as she keeps the Studio running and amuses us with her constant complaints about the weather (in all seasons).

And finally, we are thankful that you chose to open this email so that we could express our gratitude to you for being part of our world! We wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving that is filled with good food, fun, and laughter.

With love, Julie, Jenny, Tina, and Amy (the J Sherman Studio team)

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