We believe good design can be applied to any medium and a capable designer should be versatile enough to transcend medium.

We feel our clients are best served by creating a relationship with a single design firm and outsourcing separately for the production, be it print, online, or other. Working with the same client on so many levels creates a more cohesive brand and captures the learning and dialogue from each project in order to best apply that to the next.

We make you look good.

We design onscreen, on paper, and on any other materials you will let us near! For one client we may work on everything from a tiny web banner to a full annual report. For another client we might work on mocking up a visual prototype for a great idea and then help design the materials once that idea is realized.

We add value.

Our varied backgrounds include skills beyond design work. We art direct, illustrate, photograph, produce, and consult. We help you strategize your visual communications and make good decisions about internally produced materials. Want us to look at a Word document or important PowerPoint before you send it out? We can help you evaluate how clearly it communicates visually. Need help assembling your materials? We can do that, too. Our goal is to provide expert creative services to help you make the most of your brand, campaign, or event.

Paper and Printers

It is a thrill each time a project gets printed, be it inkjet, laser, digital, offset, or even letterpress. We have extensive experience working with printers and are closely involved with the final product. We love learning about the printing process and are enthusiastic about press-checks, Pantone chips, paper swatches, and other trade-related goodies. We prefer to get the printer involved in the early stage of the design and value his/her input as it relates to the final form.

Pixels and Developers

While we make good-looking websites, we humbly admit that we don’t build websites that work well on the back-end. We instead work with great developers to make sure our clients have the right site build for their needs so their websites look good and work well.

For small and mid-size business sites (and for the back-end of this website) we work with Stephen Labuda and his wonderful team at Agency 3.0. A finalist for the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards in the category of Small Business of the Year, Agency 3.0 has designed hundreds of websites for small and mid-size businesses from every corner of the business world. In addition, Agency 3 supports a number of nonprofit organizations for their website needs, and Stephen lectures and blogs about good online communication strategies for businesses and other organizations. Read more about Agency 3.0 at their website: www.agency3.com

Weddings and Events

Just as we love getting involved with the intellectual content of our business and nonprofit clients, we also delight in working on more personal projects such as announcements, wedding, shower, and other party materials. We appreciate unique challenges, we love hearing personal stories, and we have so much fun designing things that are personally meaningful for our clients. Whether simple save the date postcards, full invitation packages, eye-catching table decorations, fun favors, or one-of-a-kind awards, the materials we design add to the specialness of an event and the variety of these projects keeps us thinking outside-the-box.

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