We hope to have long, productive, and fun relationships with our clients, and believe good communication, transparency, and shared expectations are the best way to start.

Who should you contact?

Though we typically work as a team, Julie Sherman, as founder and manager of the Studio, is the point-person for starting a new project and managing an existing one. You can reach Julie at julie@jshermanstudio.com or 617.527.2495.

The Studio’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Eastern Time.

How do we start?

We begin new projects by learning what you need and defining your scope of work. We will then provide a proposal and estimate. Upon approval, we will send you an Agreement to sign and, if applicable, a deposit invoice to begin your design work.

What to expect for contracting?

The Studio allots a generous five hours of unbilled “contracting” time per client; time we dedicate to scoping out a project, writing proposals, chatting about projects, and telling you about our services. This is our investment in building a strong, successful relationship with you. If for some reason scoping your project exceeds that, we are happy to provide consulting at our current hourly rate.

How does the process work?

Most of our design projects follow a similar process, what we refer to as the Phases of Design. This helps us define the project scope and manage expectations on both ends. We’ve written about the Phases of Design on our blog, including detailed posts about individual phases, and we provide clients with tips and how-to documents for submitting content, providing feedback, and navigating the project management tools we use.

How long will it take?

Contrary to popular belief, good design usually does not come in one brilliant flash. Rather, it is the result of smart trial and error. For scheduled projects, the following is a guideline for typical turnarounds: new designs or large projects require approximately six to fifteen business days per round, while smaller requests and edits require approximately two to six business days per round. If you have a rush, please contact Julie at julie@jshermanstudio.com or 617.527.2495 to discuss how we might help to meet your deadline.

How much will it cost?

Project costs depend on your needs and budget. We provide proposals and estimates for approval before starting new projects and do our best to adhere to our estimates unless the project scope changes. Please ask if you would like to see a list of our current project cost estimates. For many projects, the Studio recommends working with a Project Fee rather than open-ended hourly. This helps us manage expectations and you manage your budget.

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